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These are some faces and places from our story.

As a husband and wife team, we have lived in Asia for five years and Africa for three years and have ventured to lots of other countries in between. Our cameras have varied over the years and how we see through them has also changed with time and experience. We like that, it documents our personal growth as well as being our own life's journal.

We like to re-invent ourselves as photographers, getting out of our own comfort zones, keeping it fresh. It is not just a business to us and we never want it to be. So we get out there and keep exploring new fields. Astrophotography was a recent project of ours, which involved hiking up rocky crags at 2am with tripods and camera bags in the freezing cold but loving every minute. It is so important, in our view, to keep excited about what we do. Photography is not just about the technical abilities but more about feeling it.

We teach photography. We have taught in schools, colleges and have run our own photography courses. We have also done one-to-one private tuition. We really love passing on what we have learned to ones who share the passion.  

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